The Fincabonela GUARANTEE:

You may have heard about all the frightening experiences some people suffer when buying property in Spain through estate agents.

Therefore, if you want a true, clear and accurate picture about buying Spanish property (and not be on the receiving end of any unscrupulous estate agents) you need a reliable local contact.

fincabonela is an excellent contact. It represents the re-birth of professional, honest and trustworthy estate agent services.

With fincabonela as your partner you know  you have integrity right from the beginning. This is why, at fincabonela, we give you these personal assurances:

  • Local knowledge
  • Our own experience built over 15 years
  • Our code of conduct
  • Selectivity rather than quantity
  • Service and Performance
  • Individual Treatment
  • Trust in ourselves and selected partners
  • Realism at the onset


Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these particulars, neither the agent (FINCABONELA) nor the vendor, accept any responsibility for errors or omissions.









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