Your satisfaction ...

...achieved through our local knowledge
My wife, Martina, and I have lived and worked in Casarabonela since 1990 and therefore we have a vast knowledge of the area and local services..

...through our experience
Since 1990 fincabonela has established a reservoir of knowledge, information and local contacts,
and you can benefit from our wealth of experience and knowledge. We want you to have the property of your dreams free from all stresses, aggravation and disappointments.

...achieved through our quality of service and rigid code of practice
However we are able to help you, (buying property, selling property, managing your building project, etc.) we offer you a service that cannot be surpassed. Moreover, fincabonela is the only official local estate agent registered with the association of Real Estate Brokers.

Our registration number is G.I.P.E. 3.161. Our approach to business is an extension of our way of life. We live in the area of Casarabonela, which is a small locality with only 2.800 inhabitants. These people are extremely friendly, honest and live a relaxed and casual way of life. our selection
fincabonela is selective, as your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we will not accept a project which we feel cannot be brought to a successful conclusion. a better service and performance
We specialise in rural properties. Our main area of business is in and around the areas of Casarabonela, Ardales, Pizarra, El Burgo and Alozaina. This is a beautiful and picturesque area about 30 minutes drive inland from the Costa del Sol.

fincabonela handles all types of property in this area. This includes fincas, estates, building plots, villas, village houses, apartments, investment properties, and of course, business and commercial projects.

Because of our unique position in the area fincabonela are also able to help you with...(see our service on the left hand side)

...through our individual treatment
Because you are an individual, your wishes, needs and desires are always at the centre of our dealings. You will always receive an individual service from us. Therefore fincabonela will ensure your personal requirements are always the centre of our attention. You will never be put on a 'tread-mill' and handled as one of many!

Whether you are buying a holiday home or moving to Spain from another country, you are taking a big step! Therefore my wife and I will provide you with a service that is reliable and personal to you. This will ensure you know exactly where you stand at any given time.

...through our trustworthy and reliable partners
fincabonela will deal personally with your needs. Over the past ten years we have established a price conscious working relationship with local construction firms (builders, lawyers, architects, etc.) In our experience all the companies fincabonela deals with are also trustworthy and reliable, proven during our long working relationship.

...through our realistic and far-sighted company philosophy
If you love and respect the countryside, you will enjoy our way of doing business. Casarabonela and the surrounding countryside are becoming increasingly popular, and therefore gaining more importance. In spite of this constant demand, the area will never be allowed to develop into another Toremolinos, Marbella, or Cártama.

Large commercial developments in the area would not be in the interest of the local people nor the region as a whole - and of even less interest to you the property buyer. For this reason, although our ambition is to gradually expand  fincabonela, it can only be proportional to the gentle expansion of the area. Along with the local authorities our over-riding interest is to preserve the natural beauty of this area. Every time new property is constructed or an old building restored the countryside is altered.



Our offer for You:

  • Project management.
  • Planning services.
  • Construction supervision - new and renovation.
  • Property management
    & maintenance.
  • Rental & letting services - long and short term.
  • Legal and tax services.
  • Car importation and car rental
  • Translation service




Therefore, at fincabonela, we try to ensure each alteration is in harmony with the existing countryside, as opposed to being a negative alteration --

then fincabonela








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